Here at Nutri Gains Kitchen our objective is providing you with a fresh, healthy, nutritious menu, bursting with only the best ingredients. Forget about refined sugars, nasty chemicals and additives, we focus on getting the best out of our ingredients the simple way so healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless. We make eating good food feel naughty with our unique blends of spices and homemade sauces all cooked to order just how you like it.

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Meal Prep

Let us take care of your nutrition the way we know best. 
 Are you looking to trim down, bulk up or just eat better?
Which ever it is we’ve got you covered. Our fresh, healthy macro calculated dishes are all cooked by real chefs, packed full of flavour & with a huge range of constantly changing recipes. Click order to see our prices & menus.

Our Menu


Our wraps are freshly cooked to order & packed full of flavour. All served on a wholegrain tortilla with only the freshest ingredients and topped with our delicious home made sauces

nutri gains noodles

Our gallery of gains showcases some of our favourite clean meals. Packed full protein, Veggies & flavour.
There’s something for everyone.


Guilt free pizzas are here. A super thin wholegrain base, low fat mozzeralla, delicious toppings, cooked & sauced to perfection.  All our pizzas are all under 800kcals!! 

nutri gains burger

Our burgers and bagels are packed full of protein, made from the leanest meats, fresh salad, our signature sauces & served on a New York Style bagel.

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